Pond Clays

Clay pond liners are a natural alternative to plastic or synthetic liners.  H&G pond clays come in two types; Wyoming Bentonie Clay and North Eastern Bed Liner Clay.  Both products have excellent swell characteristics and are added to exisitng soil or used as a unique layer to form a barrier between the water and the soil. 

Sodium Bentonite

Sodium bentonite is unique to the Western United States and has unrivaled swell characteristics with water contact.   Bentonite clay is commonly used as the primary liner for new ponds or to stop leaks in exisiting ponds.  Either application should be performed by a professional to ensure best results.  As a primary liner, clay is mixed with loam to create an overall barrier prior to filling the pond.  The liner needs to be sufficent thickness to compensate for possible disruption of the membrane. 

North Eastern Bed Liner Clay

This is a natural clay of the North East and had been used with good success in creating pond liners.  This clay is packed on a dry pond bottom to form a barrier to water.  Installation of clay liners should be performed by a professional to ensure best results.

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