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Global Supplier of specialty clays and minerals

Our knowledge and relationships in SOURCING minerals and raw materials have a global reach. our unique processing capabilities range from custom milling and blending to re-packaging of raw materials, integrated sterilization and meeting unique specifications, This means we can offer a simplified and condensed supply chain.  

In addition to sourcing minerals Hammill & Gillespie has extensive knowledge in logistics, that extends to everywhere you do business. As you all know, transportation is an important cost component of raw material.  We will spend the extra time to develop a cost effective supply chain and maximized your shipping dollars.​


Hammill & Gillespie imports, exports and consolidates specialty clays and minerals from the leading international manufacturers of clays, feldspars, mica, silica’s and carbonates.  we manufacture custom mineral blends to meet the most varied and demanding requirements of industry. 


​Our business

​​Featured Products 

  • Aurora™ is a patented combustion-enhancing additive engineered to treat a boiler’s fireside system against the slagging, fouling and corrosion that occurs as a result of burning fuels high in volatile alkalis such as agro-waste, biomass, coal, MSW, pellets, wood and more.

  • HC-11 - Calcined CORDIERITE - with a Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion <1 x 10-6 /°C. Thermal Shock Properties To allow faster Firing Cycles and longer life in repeated firing applications

  • Stucco-Boost - is an engineered clay specifically designed to be used as a stucco & mortar additive. Used as a rheology modifier for spray applied stuccos, a workability enhancer for conventional stuccos & mortars , and to provide extended board life during hot periods.

  • H&G’s CORNWALL STONE - specialized feldspar Imported from england

  • GILLESPIE BORATE™ - consistent alternative to gerstley borate

  • GROLLEG™ - kaolin for translucent and white porcelain bodies

  • High Purity Quartz 99.9998%  - Sodium of less than .4 ppm available

  • MOLOCHITE™ - Calcine Kaolin imported from england

  • PETALITE - lithium based mineral used to improve thermal expansion and shock. Flame-ware  and shortened FIRING CYCLES applications.

  • g200 EU - A super clean Potash based Feldspar used in bodies or glazes where organics are not acceptable

  • Spanish Red Iron Oxide - superior natural Iron oxide, a Product of Spain

Sourcing the World for Minerals