Kiln Shelve Sizes

Gillespie’s Kiln Furniture - MULCORITE ™

Gillespie’s™ Kiln Furniture is Thermal Shock Resistant and Extruded with a Free-Flowing Air Design. A specialty blend of mullite and cordierite provided thermal shock resistance and suitable to cone 10 or 11. The ultra-light weight material and hollow core improves handling while providing an ultra-smooth finish for both ceramic and glass applications.

NOTE: The above data is for general information and is based on typical process values.

Custom Parts or Components

Our capabilities include a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pieces that can be made through extrusion, casting or pressing. All custom low thermal mass products are specially designed and engineered with application, kiln efficiency and firing profiles in mind. The use of extrusion for shelves and posts provides excellent surface finishing and strict dimensional tolerances.

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