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​​If you are searching for a mid range product with low thermal expansion and the ability to with stand thermal shock, then Petalite or Cordierite may be the solution.  Both grades of minerals have the ability to provide good dimensional stability due to their low (1 ppm per °C to 2.5 ppm per ºC) thermal expansion.  Contact one of our technical experts today for consultation.


​​Our clays and minerals are used in some of the oldest and well know cosmetic lines in the world.  We specialize in providing product to formulators in the form and packaging requirments required.  All of our cosmetic components are from North American or European sources.  H&G can handle special requests from product sterilization to dry mixed formualtions.  Our goal is to simplify your supply chain providing the product you want when you want it.


​​Whether you are looking for a standard filler or a specialized nano milled component, we can provide options.  Our products range from fillers to opacifiers and rheology modifiers in paints.  While many minerals are specialized, H&G is unique in providing domestic minerals or hard to find imported components. We also offer customized milling and mixing options for products that are commercially available.  


Our specialty clays and non-metallic minerals have been used as fillers and binders in the abrasives industry for over 100 years.  Our raw materials are used in products such as grinding wheels, sandpaper and blasting shot, to name a few.  Hammill & Gillespie is known in the industry for supplying unique clays and minerals to fit custom applications like the kaolin clay Albany Slip. 


​​Our minerals and clays are carefully selected for use in custom fabrication, highly engineered electronics, components for refractory/crucibles and wear-resistance applications.   Let our technical staff help you find solutions to your material and processing issues.  If you are searching for a hard to fine or rare mineral, H&G will use over 150 years of experience to find a source.  


​Hammill & Gillespie can provide a full line of white industrial minerals for the the sealants and adhesives market.  Our product lines cover economical extenders to surface treated additives. Many of our clays are used as economical fillers and binders too.


We are best known for introducing and providing the pottery market with Grolleg, Barnard/Blackbird, Albany Slip, Cornwall Stone, Spanish Red Iron Oxide, and Gillespie Borate.  H&G strives to identify and provide the same specialty clays and minerals suitable for potters that have been mined and marketed to industry.  We are committed to providing the art and pottery markets with expertise and material sourcing that rivals the largest of industries.