Thermal Shock Resistance

Product Information

Petalite can be used as a source of lithia in glasses and glazes where it acts as a powerful flux to reduce melting points and to lower thermal expansions.

In container glasses, lithia has been shown to both reduce the melting temperatures and improve glass production.

Petalite can also be used in refractories, such as kiln furniture, where it strongly reduces the coefficient of thermal

  • Chemical Comp.:   Lithium Alumino Silicate
  • CAS Number:   1302-66-5
  • Appearance:  White Powder
  • Solubility:  Insoluble (in water)
  • Specific Gravity:  2.40
  • Melting Point:  2,400°F
  • Thermal Expansion:  Less than 1 x 10-6 / °C

Typical Properties

Li2O:  3.9%

Fe₂O₃:  0.049%

A1₂O₃:  16.66%

SiO₂:  78.36%

CaO:  0.12%

MgO:  0.24%

TiO₂:  0.11%

K₂O:  0.20%

Na₂O:  0.52%

Particle Sizing:  200 mesh and 35 mesh

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